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Is Are you prepared for your annual financial Statement?

According to recent statistics, 84% of businesses that conduct their own financial bookkeeping, choose to use an accountant or tax practitioner. With less stress, increased accuracy, and maximum refunds, it’s easy to see why the majority of South Africans choose the experts at Koshi Consulting instead.

Let’s face it, for those of us who aren’t accountants, tax is a complex business, which is why many people prefer to leave it to the experts to get the best possible refund. If you’re not an expert in occupation-specific deductions, it’s probably unlikely you’ll understand all the deductions you’re entitled to claim.

  • Accounting & BookkeepingRegardless of whether you’re a sole trader running a salon or a fast-growing startup with payroll tax, every business needs a bookkeeper. Beyond the convenience of managing day-to-day finances, a good bookkeeper keeps your business on track and gives you visibility over your business’ cash flow. Bookkeeping is a crucial task for any business, see all your Financial Transactions with Koshi Consulting accounting & bookkeeping services with expert set up and support, we’ll take the time and hassle out of managing your books. Which leaves you the time to get on with your business. We pride ourselves on our efficiency in work performed with minimal turnaround time, without compromising on quality.
  • TaxationWhile there are a fair few DIY online tax tools out there, nothing beats the convenience of sitting with your tax agent and getting the job done. While taking matters into your own hands may seem like the fastest way to lodge your taxes, DIY isn’t always the best way. Your typical appointment with Koshi Consulting may take around an hour. Our practitioners are trained to spot opportunities to get the most out of your tax return: quickly and accurately. And because the fee Koshi Consulting charges is tax-deductible – it pays for itself.
  • PayrollLet’s face it, keeping track of earnings, expenses, and “ maintaining the books ” is pretty boring stuff. But as dull as it may seem, working the numbers is an important part of success, especially for your fast-growing business. Let Koshi Consulting help you pick a pay period and do the necessary payment deductions for you.
  • SecretarialWhen we are tasked to do the filing of all legality and compliance issues regarding the inner workings of your company there is an assurance that the issues will be filed or sorted out perfectly resulting in your company’s smooth working. Koshi Consulting will handle the drafting of company contracts. Company Registrations: Preparation of all the required paperwork for your business and submit it to CIPC through our profile.

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Efficiency: We pride ourselves on our efficiency in work performed with minimal turnaround time, without compromising on quality.

Price. As we keep overheads to a minimum, our services are provided at the lowest possible rate as compared to the market price, again without compromising on quality.


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