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Koshi Consulting will help you reduce your tax burden by helping you avoid one of the unforeseen tax disasters companies always experience. We will help you deal with the fundamentals of your tax returns practically and clearly manner.

Income Tax

  • Includes Individuals, Partnerships, Close Corporations, Companies, Trusts
  • Computation of taxable income and submission of relevant tax return
  • Verification of income for individuals
  • Preparation and submission of IT14SD for companies

Provisional tax:

  • Calculation and submission of IRP6 for applicable individuals and companies.

Tax objection and appeals & Tax clearance certificates

  • We will make sure that all your tax affairs are in order by doing your tax objections and appeals to Sars correctly and make sure your company owns a tax clearance certificate.





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Employees tax:

  • Employees tax registration
  • Calculation and submission of monthly EMP201
  • Calculation and submission of bi-annual EMP50

Value-added tax:

  • VAT registration
  • Calculation and submission of VAT201
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